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50 years of Leica Geosystems in the UK

From the 31 August 2014 Leica Geosystems is privileged to celebrate 50 years of continuous sales, support and service to the UK. It is an anniversary we are tremendously proud of and fully recognise that this achievement was not possible without the valued loyalty of customers, both old and new, together with our truly dedicated team of staff, past and present.

Our story begins 50 years ago when the world was a very different place to the one we know today. In 1964, surveying involved spending a lot of time on site, often in remote places. It was all about instruments, capturing the measurements in an orderly fashion, doing some computing (not by electronics but by reference to mathematical tables) and then leaving it to others to prepare maps and drawings. Today surveying as a discipline has expanded far beyond its origins in land measurement. Now we use terms like geospatial, geomatics or just measurement. Many who practice it don’t even call themselves surveyors.

Fifty years is an outstanding milestone and to celebrate our success we have chosen to create a bespoke microsite highlighting our key achievements, as well as offering a chance to order our limited edition 50 years of Leica Geosystems UK book. The microsite celebrates our key achievements and projects in the UK, such as construction of The Shard in London, our long standing partnership with Ordnance Survey, the building of relationships through the Channel Tunnel build, and our presence at the Olympic Games to name but a few.

We would like to thank all employees, past and present, along with our clients who have contributed to Leica Geosystems’ success over this period. We look forward to another successful 50 years!