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50 years of Wild Heerbrugg and Leica Geosystems in the UK

At Leica Geosystems, we are excited to be celebrating 50 years of Supply, Service and Support in the UK. As part of this prestigious celebration, we have written a book dedicated to all of our customers.  The book celebrates our customers‘ continuous loyalty, trust, and valued support as well as our iconic journey through the years. 

The book also celebrates our key achievements and projects in the UK such as the building of the Shard in London, or our long standing partnership with Ordnance Survey, the binding of world relationships through the Channel Tunnel, and our presence at the Olympic Games to name but a few. The book looks at the history of Leica Geosystems, revealing an interesting snapshot into an enterprise that began in 1964 as the UK branch of an already world renowned Swiss company, Wild Heerbrugg, and is today a world leading brand.

On behalf of Leica Geosystems UK, we are most grateful to Stephen Booth for his marvellous effort in researching, writing and compiling this compelling book. Stephen has long been associated with survey instrument manufacturers as well as reviewing instrumentation through his editorial work with survey publications. Stephen’s narrative is a third party view into our history – together with a touch of the humour that prevails in the world of surveying. In addition, by adding some factual elements to his narrative, it gives a better understanding and context of the development and application of technology, as well as the key changes to our corporate entity.

Thanks also to Hugh Anderson and Nigel Bayford.  Although retired, Hugh has made a major contribution to the book by gathering, sorting and archiving hundreds of images from which Stephen could choose from. Nigel also recently retired, has also worked tirelessly with Stephen – pointing him in the right direction and seeking out vital information.